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Is your Skylight Broken?

THE PROBLEM-cracked domes
One of the most frequent calls we get from homeowners is due to cracked skylights. Bubble dome type skylights are made from PLASTIC; seriously, plastic on the roof in Arizona? This certainly doesn't make sense for a number of reasons:

  1. Plastic doesn't last when exposed to the damaging UV rays of the sun especially here in Phoenix!.Plastic starts to degrade almost immediately from UV; tiny cracks cracks known as "crazing" develops, then it starts to haze over (the plastic starts to yellow) and then the plastic becomes very brittle. The slightest impact or even sudden temperature changes will result in those small cracks widening.
  2. Plastic dome skylights really offer no protection against heat coming into your home! There is virtually no insulation value from a piece of plastic! So imagine how much heat is entering your home on a hot day!
  3. Plastic bubble skylights are not sealed units and thus will not block wind noise and dust! We get a number of calls complaining about dust leaking through the skylights here in Phoenix.

We will put an end to your plastic bubble skylight problems with the installation of a glass VELUX skylight. Here is why:

  1. The skylight is constructed of two panes of glass, the bottom pane is actually made up of two panes of tempered glass laminated together with a piece of white pvc and the top pane is tempered glass that is coated is low e3, which reflects the infrared rays.
  2. The two panes are also separated with an air gap that contains argon gas which is a very heavy inert gas that acts as an insulation barrier.
  3. The glass panes are also insulated from the frame of the skylight so that there is minimal heat conduction through the aluminum frame.
  4. The bottom of the skylight has a triple rubber seal that sits on the curb/old skylight frame which further insulates the installation and also cuts down on outside noise and totally eliminates dust from entering the home.
  5. The glass is so strong on this skylight that I (6'6" and 250 lbs0 can jump on it all day long without it breaking! We have never replaced a VELUX skylight due to glass breakage! Not from hail,not from golf balls and certainly not from sun damage!
  6. The VELUX skylight will let 75% less heat into your home as compared to the plastic bubble dome type skylight!
  7. The VELUX skylight is the only skylight that is eligible for the 25% AZ tax credit due to its energy efficiency!
  8. The VELUX skylight is the only skylight that is sales tax exempt due to its energy efficiency!

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