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Traditional Skylight Installation


Daylighting with skylights; it enhances life with our most abundant natural resource — light from above.

Skylights are home transforming products; simply a window in the roof that washes the room below in soft light. Did you know that a 2x4 skylight allows three times more light than windows of the same size and it gets that light into corners and the middle of the room!


You have many options when it comes to skylights; they can be like a picture window and simply brighten up rooms or you could have a “fresh air skylight” which actually opens and allows for ventilation. The Fresh Air Skylight can be manually, electrical or solar operated.

Why daylight? Skylights are the most efficient way to bring daylight into a home:

  • Brighten dark rooms
  • Balances light in a room
  • Penetrate light into a large room
  • Produces much less glare than windows
  • Actually more energy efficient than windows because less skylight area is needed to produce 
    •      the same amount of light; the more glass area the less energy efficient.

It’s Practical: 

  • Where there is light, there is life
  • Brighten a dark room
  • Add light and privacy to a bathroom
  • Provides white healthy daylight versus yellow light bulbs
  • Allows for design flexibility by allowing more wall space

It’s Dramatic:

  • No single remodeling project can change a room like adding natural light
  • A focal point to a room
  • Lowest cost home remodel with the most impact
  • Make the volume of the room increase and appear larger



It’s Necessary:

  • Improves the health of our families
  • Children learn faster under daylight
  • 20% of the population suffers from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)
  • Elderly people need more light to prevent falls
  • It offers Privacy (insert picture of guy in bathroom looking through neighbor window)
  • Daylight plus privacy, you don’t have to worry about your neighbors seeing right through your window!

Fresh Air Skylight

  • Skylights use the chimney effect to efficiently exchange the air in your house
  • Provide more and better Fresh Air
  • Vent volatile gases/odors in your home
  • Rain sensor closes skylight when it starts to rain
  • Eligible for a 30% federal and 25% Arizona tax credit on skylight and installation
  • You can upgrade from a fixed to an opening skylight.









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