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Wall of Shame

  • Flat Cracked Tar

    Improper repair with tar - tar has cracked and seperated over time and caused  breakage of the plastic in the process!

  • Flat Membrane Broken

    This skylight was a single layer plastic dome - no insulative value and no added layer of protection when it breaks! As it ages a simple tap is all it takes to do this!!

  • Flat Overfoam 2

    Here is a perfect example of an incorrect skylight repair, smothering the skylight in elastomeric does not allow the skylight to breathe; condensation will result and it will drip down into the light shaft. When the plastic dome breaks the water can't weep out and a leak results.

  • Flat Overfoam 3

    Another example of elastomeric applied to a skylight, the plastic dome needs to expand and contract and as it does it cracks the sealant which actually channels the water into the cracked skylight! The only way to fix plastic bubble skylights is by replacing it! NO SEALANT

  • Flat Overfoam Tube

    Skylights and solar tubes need to be at least 5-7" above the roof. If you are having your roof re-foamed make sure the skylight is raised. Skylights are not made to be submerged which is what will happen as soon as it rains on this particular roof.

  • Flat Sealed Skylight

    Here is a picture of a "handyman's" fix for a leaking skylight! This poor customer ended up paying almost three times as much to have their skylight replaced because we had to cut all that mess out, install a new curb and then refoam the roof! SEALANT does not go on skylights!

  • Flat Serious Overfoam

    This is why we love "professionals" that go out and try to repair plastic dome skylights! The only way to fix a plastic dome skylight is by replacing it with a VELUX glass energy saving skylight which will put an end to all the concerns!

  • Plastic to Glass Replacement

    Here is a picture of a single dome plastic skylight that broke from a rainstorm! We put an end to their problem with a nice VELUX white glass bubble replacement skylight!

  • Rolled FS 1

    Here is an example of a deck mounted skylight modified to be installed on a flat roof. Deck mounted skylights are not designed to lay flat so of course this skylight leaked. We had to remove everything to the deck and then build a frame that incorporated a 15 degree slope which allowed us to install the skylight and we used a special flashing made by VELUX which put an end to their leaking skylight! Skylights are desinged for specific applications.

  • Rolled FS 2

    One more example of a "professionally" installed deck skylight on a flat roof. Of course it leaked and we had to completey remove all the work above the roof line and then build the special 15 degree frame which we then attached the skylight to and corrected the problem.

  • Shingle Tar

    Here is a picture of a repair that we came across. Besides needing a new skylight the customer needed a whole new roof! Tar is not the answer for long term roof leak repairs! All this tar just added to the cost of labor to remove it as it makes it much more difficult and time consuming.

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