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Sun Tube Installations


When light is all you want a sun tunnel solar tube skylight is a great option. A sun tunnel is:

  1. Cost effective!
  2. Energy efficient - No heat gain; Qualifies for 25% Arizona Tax Credit
  3. Has a clean look like a can light in the ceiling - with optional light kit you can even use it like a light at night!
  4. It's the quickest, low cost remodeling project you can do to transform your home! 

A Skylight of Many Names:

Whether you call it a tubular skylight, a sun tube, sun tunnel, tube light, or a sky tube, it is a product that transfers natural sunlight from outdoors into usable light to brighten up dark rooms. The technology used to accomplish this is a super reflective silver coated aluminium light pipe and precisely engineered diffusers. The output of a 10" Sun Tunnel skylight is equal to three 100 watt light bulbs! Because of the design a tubular skylight brings in beautiful natural light without transferring heat into your living space. Because of this they qualify for a Tax Credit of 25% from Arizona and are exempt from Sales Tax!

Tubular skylights are referred to by many names - sun tube, sun tunnel, solar tube, tube light, and sky tube - but all tubular skylights are not created equal! Some brands use plastic flashings that degrade quickly in our Arizona heat. Some companies use inferior light pipe that the reflective coating peels off in a couple of years. We have been installing skylights for more than 13 years in Arizona and we stand by the VELUX Sun Tunnel and Natural Light Energy System products we install because we know and trust their quality. We have installed thousands of tubular skylights and truly understand our products, our customers and their needs and our Arizona environment. Because

 of this we are specialists in not only tubular skylights but all types of skylights!

What are the parts of a tubular skylight?


Describing it from the top down, a sun tube consists of:

  • Dome
  • Flashing
  • Light pipe
  • Ceiling ring
  • Diffuser

Each manufacturer has its own distinct signature features that make each type a little unique. The things that most effect the light you see are the light pipe and the diffuser. Both Velux and Natural Light use high quality light pipe that we have never seen fail. Their diffusers are different, giving the light entering the room slightly different quality.



What can you expect from a tubular skylight installed by The Skylight Guy? 

Excellent performance without worry of leakage or product failure! We take pride in what we do and we want our customers happy so we work hard to earn your business. We are Skylight Specialists and no matter the job, we can get the right product at the right price and perform an excellent installation! 

A word of caution about competitor claims; all of the major manufacturers provide a system that is bright and each claim that theirs is the brightest. The vast majority of the units we install we include filters to tone the light down!  In fact, in all the years that we have installed these tubular skylights we may have had five people out of the thousands that said their system was not bright enough....and we have had hundreds of calls complaining about too bright! 1% better light output is negligible! What is more important is the quality of the individual components and the warranty. If you want the best product please ask to see and feel the components and you be the judge; we won't disappoint you that we can guarantee! 


We will install customer provided tubular skylights but we will only install the brands that we know are of a good quality.









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